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0136CLUB HAMMER - NERTECH Print Download in high definition Check PDF file

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• Use: striking tools for demolition in the building, or for driving posts. Angles shot. Chamfers to reduce the risk of splinters. High carbon steel head C45E. Head forged and tempered. Epoxy powder paint, applied electrostatically, followed by baking. Tapered fitting according to ISO 15601, to strike safely. Tri-material handle: - reinforced with fiberglass: unbreakable, insensitive to moisture, chemicals, U.V., non-conducting electricity. - Polypropylene over-injection for vibration damping. - Third injection in elastomer with anti-perspiration reliefs for the grip. Injection marking + label. Made in our factories (Le Chambon Feugerolles, Loire).

   Sans manche / No handleNertech
##POIDS## kgA mmC mmL mmGRef.##COND##Code EANPrix HTRef.Manche de rechange / Replacement handle##COND##Code EANPrix HT
315555900G3001363101011330380013632824,67 €  013631070169541330380013695347,85 €  
417062900G3001364101011330380013645828,67 €  013641070169541330380013696050,14 €  
517567900G3001365101011330380013658834,79 €  013651070169541330380013697757,85 €