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0001ENGINEER'S HAMMER - WOOD HANDLE Print Download in high definition Check PDF file



• Initially used by mechanics, who seek both power and precision. C45E high carbon steel head. Forged head, with heat treatment by induction of working surfaces (54 HRC). Finely polished working parts.Epoxy powder painting by electrostatic process, followed by baking. 1/20th muzzle of the head at 45°. COMFORT AND ERGONOMY: clear and well controlled impact. It avoids any discordant movement which could damage the tool or the stricken part. General balance: tool asymmetry with the eye to avoid any vibration around the eye which could react along the handle. Hands and arms: do not suffer from any lateral deviation or rebound. The Rivoir engineer's hammer: easy rebound, less tiring. More precision. Working parts carefully polished. Red ring that signs the Mob hammer wooden handle. Registered model. Ash handle: high flexibility, contributing in particular to the whip and the absorption of vibrations. PEFC label (from sustainably managed forests). The nozzle is made by a hydraulic machine, a stress sensor measures on each product the power of the nozzle, then a pressure sensor controls the installation of the resin. The pull-out performance is much higher than the standards and is the trademark of MOB tooling. The tools manufactured by MOB are in compliance with French and international standards.

C mmB mmA mm##POIDS## gGL mmRef.Manche de rechange / Replacement handleCoin / Pc##COND##Code EANPrix HT
181468100G525000011802016800085330380000102213,76 €  
221774160G1025000012202016800105330380000106014,48 €  
241977200G1026000012402016801115330380000110714,10 €  
262180250G1026000012602016801115330380000115214,10 €  
282286315G1028000012802016802115330380000123714,94 €  
302492400G1028000013002016803125330380000132916,22 €  
3226100500G1030000013202016804145330380000143518,68 €  
3629103630G1030000013602016805155330380000149720,83 €  
4033110800G1033000014002016806165330380000165722,45 €  
42341171000G1033000014202016807175330380000175628,81 €