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• 1 bastard handrail - 1 half-soft handrail - 1 half-round half-soft - 1 half-soft round. THE QUALITY OF MANUFACTURING The MOB Group acquired the European leader in limes and rasps, TALABOT, 30 years ago. The files are characterized by a long life of the cut thanks to steel heavily loaded with carbon (1.3 to 1.4%). It is alloyed with chrome for a powerful bite. At each casting MOB checks the chemical composition of the steels. The perfect control of the quenching, a crucial operation for the quality of the cut, makes it possible to guarantee hardnesses of 65 ± 2 HRC for the files. MOB files comply with standard NF E 75 001-75 002. Dimensions: the files are defined by their length (without the silk) in mm, and their size: bastard for roughing, half-soft for filing, and soft for finish. Bimaterial handle: Polypropylene, resistance and relief to work with precision, and elastomer, soft and comfortable - limits perspiration and warming of the hand.

L mm ''##POIDS## gGRef.##COND##Code EANPrix HT
200-8'' E09352082011330380000996741,51 €  
    1 plate à main bâtarde 1 flat hand, bastard
    1 plate à main mi-douce 1 flat hand, 2nd cut
    1 mi-ronde mi-douce 1 half round, 2nd cut
    1 ronde mi-douce 1 round, 2nd cut