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7175‘REDLINE’ BRICK BOLSTER Print Download in high definition Check PDF file

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• MOST: patented safety head realized by additional forging operation = longevity of the head, no risk of brightness or mushrooming. Steel quality. High carbon steel C55. Forged tool for longer life. Hardening of the working zone = aggressive and resistant cutting. Sharpened on edge. Hardness of working area 52-56 HrC. Finish. French shape - round half-round body. Epoxy paint 60 microns minimum, baked - tip in gray.

l mmL mmSection mm##POIDS## gGRef.Poignée adaptée / Adjustable haft##COND##Code EANPrix HT
4020520x10260E7175400001 533038071750169,12 €  
5021022x11320E717550000173115330380717504710,01 €  
6021022x11340E717560000173115330380717507810,58 €  
7022025x12440E717570000173135330380717511511,37 €  
8022025x12470E717580000173135330380717514612,20 €  
10022526x13590E717591000173135330380717517714,64 €