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BGLABox of 100 spherical beading tools Print Download in high definition Check PDF file



- APPLICATION Beading tools are a must for crimpers. Vallorbe has developed this tool with excellence in mind. It is a complement to the Glardon® gravers. QUALITY Vallorbe has extensive experience and technical know-how in the field of jewellery tools and offers a remarkable Swiss made gemstone, entirely manufactured at its production site. High quality steel with a unique hardness (64-66 HRC). High wear resistance and long service life. A large choice of sizes: from 0 to 22. This product offers unique advantages such as: Perfect finishing of the beads thanks to a shiny and polished cap. SPHERICAL shape ideal for all types of crimping. The Glardon® Brand, quality guaranteed. Glardon® beading tools have been designed to satisfy the most demanding users. Their round cap allows the user to obtain a perfectly round and shiny pearl. This tool has an even and fine edge with a soft radius allowing to work as close as possible to the stones, without the risk of crushing the metal between the stones and the pearls. The polishing process guarantees clean, burr-free edges.

N° / Nr.Ø mmRef. VallorbeT mmRef.##COND## / packaging unitCode EANPrix HT
 0.25BGLA506000553BGLA5060001061354834043177,17 €  
10.30BGLA506001553BGLA5060011061354834044877,17 €  
20.35BGLA506002553BGLA5060021061354834045577,17 €  
30.40BGLA506003554BGLA5060031061354834046277,17 €  
40.45BGLA506004554BGLA5060041061354834047977,17 €  
50.50BGLA506005555BGLA5060051061354834048677,17 €  
60.55BGLA506006555BGLA5060061061354834049377,17 €  
70.60BGLA506007555BGLA5060071061354834050977,17 €  
80.65BGLA506008555BGLA5060081061354834051677,17 €  
90.70BGLA506009555BGLA5060091061354834052363,83 €  
100.75BGLA506010555BGLA5060101061354834053077,17 €  
110.80BGLA506011605BGLA5060111061354834054777,17 €  
120.85BGLA506012555BGLA5060121061354834055477,17 €  
130.90BGLA506013605BGLA5060131061354834056177,17 €  
140.65BGLA506014555BGLA5060141061354834057877,17 €  
151.00BGLA506015606BGLA5060151061354834058577,17 €  
161.05BGLA506016606BGLA5060161061354834059277,17 €  
171.10BGLA506017606BGLA5060171061354834060877,17 €  
181.15BGLA506018606BGLA5060181061354834061577,17 €  
191.20BGLA506019606BGLA5060191061354834062277,17 €  
201.25BGLA506020606BGLA5060201061354834063977,17 €  
211.30BGLA506021606BGLA5060211061354834064677,17 €  
221.35BGLA506022606BGLA5060221061354834065377,17 €