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6380 - CU-BESHOVEL, ROUND, WOOD HANDLE Print Download in high definition Check PDF file



• USE: Our range of non-sparking tools guarantees safety in a high explosive atmosphere (ATEX). In addition to its explosion-proof properties, the Cu-Be alloy is also anti-magnetic and highly corrosion resistant. QUALITY: The grade of the alloy is Cu-Be 25, whose resistance properties are greater than other grades of Cu-Be Alloy. The products' quality is thoroughly inspected to insure the non-sparking properties and a high corrosion resistance. Cu-Be Alloy is made by casting. Most of our tools are forged to increase the density of the alloy by 30%. That places the quality of our range among the best non-sparking tools on the market. Technical information – Materials : CU – copper: 97.5%. Ni+co: 0.2% - 1.2% Hardness: 280-365 Brinell Be- Berylllium: 1.9% +/- 0.1% - Others: contains less than 0.5% of other materials. Tensile strength: 1250 N/mm2. The products have anti explosion features in explosive atmosphere (ATEX) of any risk level (permanent, frequent or occasional use), to gas (ATEX Zone 0 to 2, Category 1 to 3) or/and to dust (ATEX TYPE from 20 to 22). Standards : EN 1127-1 5 (2008), EN 13463-1 (2007) and EN 13463-5 standards.

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420*240*1450 638024028113303801804479571,91 €